Vidmate, Snaptube, along with Tubemate/Tubemate/P9/RCh

By | 30/03/2013

Watching online videos would be how most men and women really like to devote their spare time. Video streaming programs are full of fresh content daily that makes the articles unlimited. Adding up that almost all video streaming programs are user established, individuals who view online movies are always certain to find something which suits their own liking.

Online Video Streaming

The same as everything else, there’s a drawback to seeing videos. The problem people will need to bargain with when viewing online videos is they will need to discover a secure online connection and this isn’t necessarily possible. Thus, people must rely on their own cellular information and as most of us know, cellular data could be quite pricey.

Vidmate, Snaptube, along with Tubemate

Luckily, there’s an alternate to streaming on line videos and swallowing cellular info while on the move. There’s a couple of programs that excel in downloading online movies and people are able to use them to keep up on interesting shows while they’re at home, alongside a secure Wi-Fi community and simply watch them without having to turn their cellular data.

The programs we’re speaking about are known as Vidmate, Snaptube along with Tubemate. The ideal thing about those programs is that they can be totally free to obtain and everyone may benefit from their solutions without needing to pay a dime. With that said, now we’re likely to take a look at that are highlight attributes that these programs offer and determine which comes out at the top.

Download Online Videos

Evidently, the most crucial characteristic that Vidmate, Snaptube and Tubemate for PC provide is their capacity to shoot down online videos within a matter of minutes. All 3 programs are famous for providing individuals a”Download” button on movies which are uploaded on programs that don’t enable users to download articles.

MP3 Converter

Moving forward, yet another wonderful feature that three programs offer is the MP3 converter. As you know, most of musicians upload their newest and hottest music movies on platforms like Vimeo and using the MP3 converter, Vidmate, Snaptube, along with Tubemate users may enlarge their audio library without needing to pay a dime.

Document Manager

We must also mention the 3 programs are outfitted with their very own unique File Manager that comes in very handy. The programs make it possible for users to choose where they need their recently downloaded movies to be saved and this also makes it a lot easier to locate them.

They Fit in Exactly the Exact Same Niche

Although we just went more than three emphasize attributes that Vidmate, Snaptube, and also Tubemate need to provide, we think that it’s fairly clear they match in exactly the exact same niche. All 3 programs arrive with comparable attributes and that is the reason the rivalry between them is really close. On the other hand, the ideal approach to discover which one is your best would be to check their download rate.

Download Speed

Considering the primary attribute that Vidmate, Snaptube and Tubemate provide is downloading on line videos, the rate in which they perform it’s rather significant. Thereforewe place all 3 programs to check by downloading the exact same file on precisely the exact same Wi-Fi smartphone and network.


After downloading a massive 60MB file in the favorite video streaming system, Vidmate was that the program that came out in addition to Snaptube and Tubemate downloaded the course in just two moments, but Vidmate demonstrated that its greater by simply taking down the 60MB movie in under a minute. With that said, Vidmate is your program for you whether you’re seeking to save time and also never to get bored .